Why Your Bite is Important

//Why Your Bite is Important

Why Your Bite is Important

The bite is the way your teeth fit together. Having a perfectly aligned bite evades problems that can cause discomfort or even pain. This type of pain can masquerade as problems that you would not readily associate with your teeth. Some bite problems can cause much damage to your teeth without producing any obvious discomfort.


You might think that if your smile looks attractive and nothing hurts, your oral health is fine. Yet, a bite that is not aligned properly can cause many problems, such as:

  1. Headaches – When the upper teeth and lower teeth do not meet properly, it causes strain on the jaw joints as well as your head, neck and shoulder muscles. This can then eventually give you frequent headaches, sore jaw joints, and lead to migraines.
  2. Broken and Cracked Teeth – An improper bite can cause your teeth to move in a distorted way, particularly when biting and chewing. This leads to broken, chipped, and fractured teeth. To repair damaged teeth you would require dental crowns or veneers. However, when a tooth breaks below the gum line, your tooth must be removed and replaced.
  3. Worn Teeth – Having an improper bite lead to bruxism. Bruxing, or teeth grinding, usually happens during sleep and leads to worn teeth.
  4. Clenching Teeth – A misaligned bite often leads to the clenching of teeth at night. While headaches can be the result, this can also cause restless sleep, fractured teeth, and facial pain.

There are more symptoms of an improper bite but what we have discussed are the most common problems experienced by patients. This is the reason why dentists carefully check your bite alignment after placing crowns, bridges or veneers.

Don’t let an improper bite cause further expensive and uncomfortable problems. If you suspect that your headaches might be caused by your bite, it is wise to contact your dentist. Your dentist will examine your teeth, your muscles, and your jaw joints to determine if dental stress is the source of your headaches.

Your health is your most priceless possession. It is truly worth the investment!

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