Why Do People Need Tooth Replacements?

//Why Do People Need Tooth Replacements?

Why Do People Need Tooth Replacements?

When a patient comes in for tooth replacements, it most of time regarding a discontent in his or her current smile. When your smile and teeth are concerned, go to a trusted dentist – someone you can rely on to understand your concerns and give you the exact smile makeover you need.


So who said you have to be content with having a mediocre smile? You look into magazines and see models and celebrities with beautiful smiles and wonder if this could also be you and yes, you can have a celebrity smile as long as you have a trusted dentist working with you to attain it.

At Oak Brook Smiles, here are some situations patients are usually in that may require tooth replacements:

  • Dental decay. A tooth decay is a common dental problem. Bacteria can affect a tooth and penetrate into the tissues, breaking it. When the tooth decay is allowed to progress and the problem is not resolved early, the tooth may be lost. This loss will have to be replaced to restore the function of the teeth.
  • Periodontal problem. Gum disease is another big reason for tooth loss in patients that will require Oak Brook tooth replacements. When the gum disease is allowed to progress downhill, teeth may be lost as the soft tissues and bone deteriorate.
  • Accidental blow to the face. Accidents happen and when there is a physical blow to the face, a tooth may be fractured or completely avulsed (removed from the socket). One can endure a sport or a vehicular accident that results in the loss of the tooth and this will mean that a replacement is in order.
  • Rotated or misaligned teeth. When the teeth are improperly positioned in the mouth, the most basic solution is for the patient to receive orthodontic treatment with braces. Unfortunately, dental braces may be not the perfect option for some people; so if speed and appearance is a high priority for someone, getting tooth replacements is a good option.

You need Oak Brook tooth replacements for various reasons. Depending on your case, your dentist will restore your smile with removable dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. All of these options are available, especially when your periodontal cleanings were not successful with saving your teeth and had to force a painful farewell.

If you need natural looking teeth that is stable and fully functional, visit our dental office in Oak Brook Terrace for the tooth replacements you require. Whether it is a loss on the posterior or anterior teeth, or for a functional or an aesthetic purpose, we will happily give you the celebrity smile you deserve.

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