If you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth, you have probably been considering several options for restoration. One solution patients often overlook or are unaware of is the use of mini dental implants. This restorative dental treatment gives you the replacement teeth you need without the long wait associated with traditional dental implants. That means you can enjoy full functioning of your teeth and mouth as well as a beautiful smile that much sooner.

Why Patients Choose Dental Implants

Patients missing one or more teeth have many options for teeth replacement. However, dental implants continue to remain the preferred solution for missing teeth problems.

Dental implants are made of titanium metal posts that are fabricated to act as natural tooth root replacements. Patients who choose dental implants can enjoy the benefits for many years to come!

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  • Best option for replacing a lost tooth
  • Protect other teeth and bone (compared to a bridge)
  • No cavities on implants!

Regardless of the problem related to the tooth loss, dental implant treatment can provide a simple solution with proven results.

Dental implants are an artificial tooth root finished of biocompatible materials, which are rooted into the jawbone using a painless and simple procedure.

Dental implants are procedure that is made to outfit your particular oral situation. They are designed to replicate and feel completely natural, while being fully functional and preventing further tooth decay or trauma to the mouth.