Oh, let’s just dig in – because that’s exactly what your dentist does when it comes to a dental implant. You might ask yourself, “What are dental implants”? The answer is as it sounds – a tooth which is surgically inserted from top to bottom in your jaw to replace a completely damaged or missing tooth. Think of it like this: just like how handy dandy volunteers plant a brand-new tree to replace those destroyed during a storm, your dentist does the same thing – much more gently, of course.

A dental implant consists of the post, which is essentially an artificial tooth root which will hold an replacement tooth or denture in place. Now, with modern dental technology at our side, this procedure is generally pain-free. The writer himself has a nice titanium post in his upper jaw, a result of an overly friendly basketball game while he was serving in the U.S. Army – and the last basketball he ever touched!

The way it goes is like this: your dentist will make an initial visit with you to look at your dental health, the location of the tooth, the extent of the damage, and the type of crown which will look best, and from there, determine how much time you’ll have to spend in the dental chair for the implant. The following visits will include the removal of the old tooth/preparation of the location, the surgery itself, healing time and checks to make sure the new post is being happily welcomed by your body, and then the final fitting of the new crown.

Dental implants are a permanent solution, and once fully settled, they require the same amount of loving care as your other natural teeth. They’ll likely last a lifetime, and will give a perfectly natural appearance to your smile.