Excellence in Dentistry – Dr. Umar Haque

Watch dental videos of Oak Brook dentist Dr. Haque discuss the many benefits of popular dental treatments in Oak Brook Smiles, as featured by Randy Alvarez of “The Wellness Hour”

“Top 10 Warning Signs YOU Need to See a Dentist.”

Dentistry, Airway, Sleep

“Your mouth, your oral cavity is the beginning of your airway.”

Cosmetic Dentistry

“We take a lot of pride in our patients’ smiles!”

E4D: Teeth in a Day

“E4D is an amazing piece of technology that enables our patients to walk-in and walk-out the same day with a crown!”

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

“The Diode Laser – no more cutting, so much less discomfort afterward.”

Options for Denture Wearers

“With implants… you can taste your food, you can feel your food – it’s amazing.”

The Importance of the Bite

“The bite..is an instrumental factor in the longevity of the teeth.”

Single-Tooth Dental Implants

“An implant has a longer life..it looks natural, it looks beautiful.”

Ozone Therapy

“I use it to help reverse cavities and also to disinfect areas.”


To watch the full video of Dr. Haque as interviewed by Randy Alvarez:

Periodontal Treatment at Oak Brook Smiles

“If you have healthy gums, there’s nothing inflammed, nothing is swollen, nothing hurts when you’re flossing, you don’t bleed.”