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Plan Your Dental Treatments with a Trusted Dentist in Oak Brook

dental-examA patient will be given proper assessment and diagnosis so that correct dental problems can be identified and a proper course of dental treatment can be designed for a customized resolution.

Treatment planning can be tricky, but with proper diagnosis, it can be done. It is essential for an Oakbrook dentist like Dr. Haque to equip himself with the right diagnostic aids (dental photographs, dental radiographs, dental CT scan, dental casts and laboratory examinations) to be able to come up with the solution to the problem.

The Treatment Phase

  • Consultation: During this stage, the patient and dentist meet for the first time. The patient imparts his main concerns and the recommended treatment will be discussed. There could be a series of consultation sessions that come prior to treatment procedure.

  • Oral Examination: This is the most basic diagnostic procedure where the patient’s mouth is initially examined by a dental mirror for the dentist to assess the condition of teeth, gums, tongue, floor of the mouth, palate and other structures. This will also will involve palpation, percussion and visual comparison to normal conditions.

  • Dental Photographs: The more refined representations of what is seen clinically can be recorded by taking photographs.

  • Dental Impression and Casting: A three-dimensional representation of the mouth of the patient that is obtained by taking an impression or mould of the upper and lower jaw and the production of a stone cast or model.

  • Dental Radiographs: A two-dimensional representation of the teeth and other structures of the mouth, which gives a better picture of what is unseen during clinical examinations.

  • Dental CT Scans: A more definitive picture of the patient’s case; it gives a three-dimensional picture of the teeth and the bone, presented in a series of slides, taken at certain depths.

By utilizing what is provided, a proper treatment planning will be given and when there are more than one treatment options available, you will have the ultimate choice after all the conditions have been presented thoroughly.

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