The Necessity for Bone Grafting: Summit Ave Dental Needs

//The Necessity for Bone Grafting: Summit Ave Dental Needs

The Necessity for Bone Grafting: Summit Ave Dental Needs

A bone grafting procedure is an accessory treatment procedure that is often given to the patient as a prerequisite for various treatment procedures. The bone, however strong and tough it may seem, can easily be compromised by bacteria and lot of other factors. Bone resorption is a phenomenon that can be expected whether the patient is healthy or not, young or old. Since the health and stability of the tooth relies on the condition of the bone, ways to maintain its health is necessary. Such may be achieved through bone grafting. Summit Ave patients are privileged to have this option available to them.

Bone grafting procedures follow a certain process. The grafting material, synthetic or natural is obtained and then brought into the mouth. The material is packed generously to fill up any void space, and the tissues are allowed to heal and left so that the bone may regenerate and revert back to health.

The following conditions may benefit from bone grafting. Summit Ave dentist offer the procedure to save the bone and the tooth:

– Severe bone resorption due to aggressive and advanced periodontitis. Gum disease is often disregarded but it is the leading cause of tooth loss in many patients. When allowed to progress, the infection can spread into the bone so that sufficient length and height is lost, compromising the stability of the tooth within it. Such bone loss caused by gum disease may be resolved by bone gradting. Summit Ave dentists add granules of the bone graft, so that tissues heal and regenerate to good health.

– Bone resorption due to long span edentulism and denture-wearing. Removable dentures rely on the bone for support. This is true for complete dentures, so long-time denture wearers face a danger of losing much of their jaw bone after some time. When they are no longer able to receive new dentures because the jaws have flattened and lost height, they can receive a bone grafting procedure to improve their conditions.

– Bone loss due to severe trauma due to malocclusion. Certain malocclusion problems bring traumatic and destructive effects to the patients’ teeth and bone. Unless these problems are resolved bone can be lost at a certain degree and only a bone grafting can help this issue.

– Immediate-loading of dental implants after a tooth extraction. If the there is a requirement for immediately loading of dental implants right after tooth extraction, stability and bone healing may be initiated by bone grafting. Summit Ave patients who cannot compromise the long wait do not have to wait so long anymore because they can have their implants and crowns right away.

– Post-surgical treatment after removal of a pathological tissue or lesion. Removal of a pathological lesion may result in loss of bone which may be replaced by a bone grafting procedure.

– Adding bone length and height for denture construction and implant installation. Planned denture fabrications and implant placement on ordinarily contraindicated patients may be given bone grafting to make their cases more ideal.

– Repair of failed and compromised dental implants with severe bone less. Sometimes, bone quality is compromised and dental implants fail. To resurrect it and to regain stability, the dentist performs bone grafting. Summit Ave patients with failed implant cases, do not have to worry anymore.

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