Impacted and Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom-ToothWhether you know them by the name “wisdom teeth” or third molars, you will most likely need these teeth extracted because your mouth does not have room for them. The third molars are the last set of teeth to come in, typically between the ages of 17 and 21. They grow in behind all other teeth and can cause crowding, infections, or damage other teeth if not removed. Some people get all four wisdom teeth while others get only some or none at all.

An Examination is Necessary to Determine the Extent of Damage

If you are experiencing pain near the back of your mouth, schedule an appointment at Oak Brook Smiles for an examination. This is how Dr. Haque determines your specific level of impaction. If he discovers impaction in your soft tissue, it means that the crown of your wisdom tooth is not surrounded by bone but is instead covered by gum or soft tissue. Dr. Haque will recommend extraction if the position of the wisdom tooth makes it too difficult to clean and maintain.

An infection is more likely to occur with a partial bony impaction. This means that only some of the wisdom tooth has erupted under the jawbone. In addition to infection, a partial bony impaction often causes pain and can damage the teeth near to it. With a complete bony impaction, the entire tooth grows underneath your jawbone. This can be the most difficult type of wisdom tooth to remove.

The Procedure and Cost

Typically, Dr. Haque completes wisdom teeth extraction under general anesthesia. You can also request general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Depending on the complexity of your case, he may perform it at the office of Oak Brook Smiles or in our nearby surgery suite. When your outpatient surgery is over, our office staff provides you with pain control medications and post-operative instructions to help you recover faster. Wisdom teeth extractions cost depends on the location of the teeth and how difficult it is to remove them. We are happy to provide you with payment options during your initial consultation.

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