Discomfort, Headaches, Sensitivity?

Tempro Mandibular Joint Dysfunction, which is more commonly called TMJ, is a painful condition originating in the jawbone. It is a frustrating condition for many people due to the high rate of misdiagnosis. Since the jawbone connects to many muscles in the body, the pain often radiates to the face, neck, shoulders and head before the person suffering from TMJ receives a proper diagnosis.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, we urge you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Haque at Oak Brook Smiles for an immediate evaluation.

How Dr. Haque Diagnoses TMJ

The most effective way to diagnose TMJ is with a three-dimensional cone beam CT scan. This provides Dr. Haque with a realistic view of the positioning of your jaw as well as various structures within its joints. A CT scan is typically the only way to spot and diagnose diseases originating in the joints.

Dr. Haque studies the results and takes an impression of your upper teeth, lower teeth, and jaw. It is only when he detects anything out of balance that he prepares a treatment plan. He may send you home with jaw splints or repositioners to provide you with temporary pain relief until you receive the permanent treatment method that is most appropriate for you.

Watch Dr. Haque Discuss TMJ and Treatments

Possible Treatment Methods

Occlusal equilibration is just one approach to treatment. To lessen pressure on certain teeth, Dr. Haque reshapes the surface of adjacent teeth. This is the preferred method of treatment for patients with long-standing complaints of pain in the head, shoulders or neck. It also corrects dental structures that have maladapted to the condition of TMJ.

Another potential permanent solution to TMJ is occlusal restoration. With this procedure, Dr. Haque reconstructs or replaces affected teeth with porcelain veneers, fillings or dental crowns. He also uses a reshaping procedure to relax the muscles of your jaw and face.

Seek Treatment Before the Problem Worsens

Like all health conditions, early treatment is essential to prevent worsening pain and other symptoms. Please contact Oak Brook Smiles today.

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