With our E4D technology, you get to have crowns in a day!

Dental-CrownsThe purpose of a tooth crown is to cover the entire surface of a tooth in order to restore it to its original size and shape. This is a standard treatment option when fillings and other traditional approaches fail to preserve the tooth. Tooth cap is another name for this procedure. You have many color and style options available to you if you need a tooth crown. Most people prefer a crown made from porcelain because it resembles the color and appearance of natural teeth most closely. This material also tends to last the longest before requiring replacement.

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When Might You Need a Tooth Crown?

A crown or cap is an appropriate choice in the following situations:

  • One or more of your teeth are fractured or broken
  • Your tooth has exposed nerve endings due to a root canal
  • You want to conceal the appearance of large fillings
  • Previous fillings are fractured or have fallen off completely
  • You are suffering from tooth decay
  • You want to improve the overall quality of your smile

What is the Procedure for Getting a Tooth Crown?

Dr. Haque typically requires patients to schedule two separate appointments at Oak Brook Smiles. During the first one, he uses a dental mold to form several impressions of your mouth and the affected tooth. He then creates a temporary crown that you wear for approximately two weeks. Before placing your temporary tooth cap, Dr. Haque numbs the tooth, removes decay surrounding it, and shapes the surface to make sure it fits properly. After the laboratory has completed your permanent crown, you come back to the office for another fitting.

Tooth Cap Cost

We understand that you need to know the tooth cap cost so you can budget for it. Dr. Haque can provide you with that information once he has examined you and taken impressions of your mouth and teeth. For your convenience, we accept several types of insurance as well as many other alternative forms of payment.

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