Be More Confident in Your Smile

Tooth-Colored-FillingsDental fillings have come a long way in the last several years. Mercury fillings, which were once the standard for preserving a tooth with a cavity, have given way to tooth colored fillings. Patients prefer that their fillings match the color of their teeth as closely as possible to make their dental work less obvious to others. Additionally, mercury fillings are not always safe. When mercury from the filling breaks down over the years, it can cause further damage in the patient’s teeth and mouth.

Oak Brook Tooth Colored Fillings

Oak Brook dentist, Dr. Haque provides tooth-colored fillings using special strong, white filling composite material, and for large fillings may use an inlay or onlay.

Why Dr. Haque Prefers Tooth Colored Fillings

While your reasons for wanting a clear filling may be only cosmetic, Dr. Haque chooses this method because it performs much better when it comes to preserving the structure of the tooth. With clear fillings, Dr. Haque can use dental sealants at the same time. This allows him to fill and seal your tooth in one appointment, which is essential to guard against further decay of the tooth.

Filling a Cavity is the Best Way to Prevent Future Tooth Loss

At Oak Brook Smiles, we would much rather see a patient have a cavity filled than lose his or her tooth to decay. That is why making an appointment with Dr. Haque at the first sign of tooth decay is so important. Because he knows how important your smile is to you, he doesn’t fill your tooth until the color of the filling material is just right. Tooth colored fillings appear so natural that even you may forget that you have a cavity. A clear filling is a fast and simple way to improve your dental health and your smile.

We’re Always Available to Answer Your Questions

As with all dental procedures, our patients are concerned with tooth colored fillings cost. Dr. Haque is happy to provide you with an estimate after diagnosing your cavity and examining your other teeth. Before you leave, our office staff will provide you with you with information regarding payment arrangements, including private insurance and several other options.

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