Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal-TreatmentPeriodontal disease is an infection in the gums that threatens the health of nearby teeth. The patient may lose one or more teeth if not treated. As the disease progresses, it forms pockets in the gums that fill up with tartar, plaque and bacteria. It is at this point that tooth loss becomes a real possibility. Gingivitis, which is the name for the early stages of periodontal disease, can usually be resolved with regular dental cleaning in addition to tooth scaling. After periodontal treatment, it is important for patients to commit to improving their dental hygiene.

The Process of Deep Cleaning

When periodontal disease is more advanced, Dr. Haque of Oak Brook Smiles prefers to use the deep cleaning method to treat it. This involves scaling and root planing to improve the health of the gums and remove areas where bacteria and infection can invade. Because the procedure is somewhat invasive, he recommends that patients undergo deep cleaning on only one quadrant of their mouth in a single appointment. Dr. Haque always numbs the area prior to starting the cleaning process.

Scaling and planing is an effective way to remove plaque, toxins and tartar that contribute to periodontal disease and threaten the health of the teeth. Deep cleaning helps shrink the pockets in the gums as well as facilitates the healing of the gums. After Dr. Haque has deeply cleaned all quadrants in the patient’s mouth, he provides him or her with detailed aftercare instructions to help prevent the need for a repeat procedure in the future. This includes using an electronic toothbrush, medicated mouthwash and taking prescription medication as directed.

Periodontal Surgery When Deep Cleaning Fails

Sometimes scaling and root planing is not enough to reduce the depths of gum pockets. Unfortunately, this makes cleaning the teeth and maintaining good oral health difficult. In this situation, Dr. Haque may recommend periodontal surgery to ensure removal of the pockets.

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