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Multiple-Teeth-Replacement-1In a multiple teeth replacement procedure, Dr. Haque replaces three or more teeth at one time. When they are located near the back of your mouth, a fixed bridge that is anchored to your dental implants is the most effective course of treatment. A fixed bridge offers superior stability and function over traditional dentures. This allows you to eat and speak comfortably in addition to preserving jawbone strength and facial appearance.

Multiple Teeth Replacement Process

If you need more than three teeth replaced, the first step is to contact Oak Brook Smiles to schedule a consultation and examination with Dr. Haque. It takes another four or five appointments for him to complete the process. The steps are as follows:

  • Pre-Placement: For patients who are missing three or more back teeth, Dr. Haque needs to install a fixed bridge before moving forward with the other steps.
  • Implant Installation: Most patients require only one appointment for Dr. Haque to install their new implants. He also provides you with a temporary bridge so you retain normal functioning of your mouth before the permanent bridge is ready.
  • Bridge Attachment: Once you have received your implant, it normally takes one to two months for it to integrate with your jawbone. After confirming the integration is successful, Dr. Haque attaches your permanent bridge.

At this point, you are able to enjoy full functioning of your mouth and teeth. Because the bridge is so stable and secure, you can eat whatever foods you like.

Dr. Haque on Options for Denture Wearers

Removable Partial Dentures as an Alternative

Some patients prefer to retain the ability to remove their partial dentures or have other concerns about the permanent multiple teeth replacement procedure. In this case, removable partial dentures are an option to consider. This device is constructed with metal and plastic, but still provides a satisfactory aesthetic look for most people. Please let Dr. Haque know if you prefer this procedure during your consultation appointment.

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