Solve Your Tooth Decay Problems with a Diagnodent® Oak Brook Dentist


Diagnodent® can enhance your smile!

It is our objective to help you maintain and enhance your oral well-being. To attain to this objective, the dental care that you and your entire family get in our dental office is always delivered using the most advanced technology. Among the latest state of the art technologies is a small laser instrument referred to as the Diagnodent®, which examines your teeth with innocuous laser light for concealed decays.

Finding unseen decay before it damages tooth structure (from the inside out) is a primary aim of modern dentistry. The prevalent utilization of fluoride supplements in dental materials, toothpastes and drinking water has allowed tooth surfaces to become harder and more impervious decay. In any case, diagnosing cavities underneath the hard surfaces is all the more difficult since the decay can begin through minuscule defects in the teeth’s hard surface enamel and can readily contaminate and damage the softer tooth structure underneath the surface.

X-rays and checking with an explorer are restricted in locating sub-surface decay, especially when the cavity is still in its initial stages. Luckily, the Diagnodent® is a significant breakthrough that permits the dental specialist to screen the areas underneath the hard surfaces. The Diagnodent® permits the dental practitioner and hygienist to find concealed decay, and with the appropriate treatment stop the spread of the decay before it completely destroys the tooth from the inside.

It is a Reliable and Accurate Cavity Detection Instrument

More people are now realizing the value of having a healthy mouth and attractive teeth. To achieve and maintain this, early oral care is vital. Diagnodent® helps in the discoveries of caries. Indeed, the tiniest lessions are caught at the earliest stage, allowing you to secure and protect the tooth substance.


Scanning is Believing

Painless and precise laser cavity identification.

This state of the art technology is totally painless and is absolutely safe. This unique equipment gives instant diagnosis on how healthy the teeth are. A pen like instrument essentially scans over tooth surfaces continually examining the health of the tooth. A number scale and an alert flags the user when there are indications of concealed decay. This new innovation is totally painless and safe.

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