Know More About Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft-Tissue-GraftingRecession of the gums occurs due to the normal aging process, trauma to the mouth, periodontal disease, brushing your teeth too hard and teeth that are improperly positioned. In severe cases, it can cause exposure of your teeth and roots. A feeling of discomfort when eating hot or cold foods or drinking liquid is often the first indication of a problem.

Reasons to Consider Soft Tissue Grafting

Dr. Haque recommends this procedure for the following reason:

  • Improved appearance: Untreated gum recession causes your teeth to look longer or to appear uneven. Soft tissue grafting corrects this and leaves you with a beautiful smile.
  • Improved comfort: When your roots are exposed, it can make eating and drinking foods at any temperature uncomfortable. This procedure decreases sensitivity by covering the exposed roots.
  • Improved gum health: If you have periodontal disease, it can rapidly destroy your gum tissue. Together with deep cleaning procedures, grafting protects roots from future complications as well as stopping the loss of tissue and bone.

Different Types of Grafting Procedures

After examining your teeth and gums, Dr. Haque selects one of the following soft tissue grafting procedures to correct your dental problem:

  • Connective Tissue Graft: When Dr. Haque finds large areas of roots exposed, he removes subepithelial tissue from a small flap in your mouth and sutures it to the graft site.
  • Free Gingival Graft: When the tissue in your mouth shows signs of thickening, the best option is to remove a small strip of tissue from the roof of your mouth and stitch it to the grafting site. This encourages natural healing.
  • Pedicle Graft: In this procedure, the affected area and nearby gum share soft tissue. Dr. Haque cuts away a small area of tissue and turns it sideways to cover your exposed root.

How Much Does it Cost?

The staff at Oak Brook Smiles can provide you with soft tissue grafting cost after your initial consultation and examination. Be sure to check with your dental insurance company about coverage after you receive the estimate. We also offer several other payment options.

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