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Sinus Augmentation and Dental Implants

Sinus Augmentation or commonly known as Sinus Lift, is a dental surgery procedure wherein a bone is added to your upper jaw in the area of your premolars and molars for the dental implants to be placed. The bone is usually added between your jaw and maxillary sinuses that are on the side of your nose. To create a room for your bone, the part of the sinus membrane has to be altered upward or is lifted. Usually an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a periodontist does this procedure.

Benefits of Sinus Augmentation

Sinus Augmentation increases the probability of an implant that could last years. It assists your body in restoring a fragile part by repairing lost bone with your own natural bone. Materials and techniques that are used on this type of procedure have improved over time making this procedure the most effective bone grafting procedure done in the mouth. Most patients usually experience less discomfort during this procedure. Some of these benefits can:

  • Reduce the chances of damaging your sinus during the dental implant placement
  • Creates an area for a better implant placement
  • Promotes the growth of your new bone to rebuild lost bone

Sinus Augmentation Procedure

ImplantsThe procedure starts with a tiny incision performed by your dentist on the upper premolar and molar region to expose your jawbone. A small opening is cut into the bone and the membrane lining the sinus on the side of the opening is pushed upward. The space is then filled with a bone graft material and the opening is closed.

The bone that is used for this procedure may come from your body or from a carcass. Often times, the dentist might use synthetic materials which promotes bone formation.

After the incision is healed, depending on the individual’s case, the implants are then placed. Sinus Augmentation procedure shows that there is an increase with the success of a dental implant procedure.

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