Full Arch Replacement (Fixed Bridge)

If you no longer have any of your natural teeth, a full arch replacement is often a superior choice to removable dentures. There are several benefits to scheduling this procedure with Dr. Haque at Oak Brook Smiles. The benefits of a fixed bridge on implants include:

  • A full arch replacement is a permanent solution to tooth loss. The replacement teeth are often indistinguishable from natural teeth due to color and shape matching.
  • You retain your natural face shape and features with this device better than with dentures. It also prevents loss of bone.
  • The replacement allows you to chew food and speak as naturally as you would with your own teeth. The stable foundation ensures long-lasting quality and improved dental health.


How Dr. Haque Installs Your Full Arch Replacement

It takes an average of eight to 10 visits to Oak Brook Smiles for Dr. Haque to complete this procedure. It is vital that you remain committed in order to obtain the results you desire. These are the three steps involved in receiving your full arch replacement:

  • Pre-Operative Phase: Dr. Haque performs an examination to determine a treatment plan.
  • Installation of Your New Bridge: Dr. Haque installs your dental implants to replace your lost teeth. Next, he installs your temporary teeth while waiting for installation of your permanent bridge.
  • Bridge Attachment: When the implants show signs of stabilizing within the bone, Dr. Haque secures the final bridge on top of them. It usually takes two to three more visits before the bridge firmly attaches.

Many of our patients report that no one except the people closest to them know that they have had all of their teeth replaced. Satisfaction with full arch replacement is typically highest among patients who previously wore dentures.

Cost Considerations

Oak Brook Smiles participates in all dental PPO plans. We are happy to provide you with an estimate so you can check your insurance benefits. You can also ask about our own Care Credit option and other ways to pay for treatment.

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