Dental Emergency Care from Oak Brook Smiles

A dental emergency is characterized by pain due to a cracked or chipped tooth, a lost crown, or are experiencing a numbing and worrisome toothache due to an impacted wisdom tooth. If you are near Oak Brook Terrace right now, you don’t have to hold on to your pain – call us now at 630-701-7199 for immediate dental care!

If you know you have an infected or decayed tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, or injuries to the mouth needing an emergency dentist, Oak Brook Smiles’ trusted dentist Dr. Haque will be able to provide you with fast and quality emergency dental treatments for immediate relief from pain.

We recommend that you see a trusted dentist as soon as possible once you feel a searing pain in your teeth or gums. Getting to an emergency dentist in Oak Brook for a dental emergency can save your tooth and you from any more additional pain.

For a trusted emergency dentist, call Oak Brook Smiles now.

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