Experience The Convenience And Quality Of Same Day Crowns

The traditional process of getting a dental crown can be quite an inconvenience, often requiring multiple office visits and a few days out of your already busy life. Fortunately, those days of waiting are over because at Oak Brook Smiles you can get your permanent dental crowns in just one office visit!

Your E4D same day crowns are created in our Oakbrook Terrace office with the E4D Dentist system, which allows us to scan, design, and mill your new crowns with same day convenience and precision.

This latest advance in restorative dentistry is fast and precise, providing the following advantages over traditional, lab made dental crowns:

  • no messy silicone molds
  • no waiting for 3rd party dental labs to finish
  • no temporary crowns to wear
  • no multiple visits, the permanent crown is customized and bonded to your tooth the same day

Experience the convenience and quality of same day crowns. Call us today at (630) 701-7199 to schedule an appointment.

Natural-looking Porcelain Crowns, Metal Free

Porcelain-CrownsPorcelain crowns, which are also known as porcelain caps, are an ideal solution to conceal one or more teeth that have cracked or are otherwise unattractive. Most patients prefer this treatment method because it doesn’t look obvious that they have undergone tooth restoration. This dental procedure might be right for you in the following circumstances:

  • Traditional restorative fillings are no longer sufficient to treat your broken or fractured teeth
  • One of your teeth is brittle or discolored due to a previous root canal
  • You want to improve the appearance of teeth that are crowded, tilted or crooked
  • The surface of your tooth can no longer hold a composite filling due to large fillings or fractures
  • Your tooth has decayed to the point where a filling is no longer appropriate

Benefits of Dental Crowns

When you are a patient of Dr. Haque, he does everything possible to create your dental crown so he can restore it to the original shape and size. This gives your teeth and smile a more natural appearance. However, the benefit of dental crowns is not merely cosmetic. It also strengthen and protects teeth when a regular restorative dental process is no longer enough to do the job.

Natural-looking porcelain crowns are the most popular with our patients because they most closely resemble the appearance of real teeth. Dr. Haque prefers them because of their durability. The majority of patients with one or more dental crowns won’t have to replace them for several years.

Consult Oak Brook dentist Dr. Haque for your crown options, Call Oak Brook Smiles today or convenient online scheduling.

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