CAT Scans: Advanced Technology for Accurate Treatments

iCat3D-ImagingTraditional dental X-rays allowed dentists to get an accurate view of the patients’ mouth, teeth, gums and jaw. However, this information was often insufficient for them to make an accurate diagnosis. A new three-dimensional imaging technology called i-CAT 3D Imaging is superior to traditional X-rays in many ways. When Dr. Haque uses this type of dental scan, he can get an accurate picture of the bone structure, bone density, nerves and tissues in your mouth. Additionally, this type of CT scan is over in less than a minute and does not release radiation into your body.

Reasons to Use i-CAT 3D Imaging for Dental Scans

Before creating a treatment plan for you, Dr. Haque needs to know the specific dental issue that requires treatment. The following are some of the most common reasons he chooses to use this CAT scan technology:

  • To determine jawbone quality before placing a dental implant
  • To locate nerves under your teeth
  • As an early diagnosis tool for cancerous tumors
  • To measure jawbone density
  • To determine the best place to install implants, including finding the angle needed for the best fit
  • As a diagnosis tool to help plan the entire course of dental treatment
  • To determine the correct size and type of implants most appropriate for you
  • To view the position and orientation of each individual tooth
  • To get a better view of impacted teeth

i-CAT 3D Imaging is More Comfortable for Patients

When you have a dental scan performed at Oak Brook Smiles, you remain seated the entire time. In the span of a minute, the equipment snaps hundreds of pictures of your face, mouth, teeth, jaws and gums to help Dr. Haque decide on the best treatment for your current issues. You are in an open environment during the whole scan, which means that anyone who normally suffers from claustrophobia while getting a medical procedure feels much more comfortable.

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