Post-Operative Care After Teeth Whitening

//Post-Operative Care After Teeth Whitening

Post-Operative Care After Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening procedure is a popular dental procedure that can be carried out at home, by the patient, or in the dental office, by the dentist or a trained staff. When a patient wishes to get his teeth whitened he can come to a dentist for a teeth whitening procedure and enjoy the smile that he knows he deserves. A whiter smile is a more beautiful smile, but before you go into the dentist for your teeth whitening treatment, there are things that you have to know, which you will need to equip yourself with.

Dealing with Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity can be expected during and after a teeth whitening procedure. The whitening agent comes with a component that opens the pores of the teeth, so that the whitening ingredient can penetrate into the tissues. With the pores opened, the whitening effect is easily achieved but it also makes the teeth more sensitive. The pores are opened and there is a more direct connection to the pulp tissues, so the teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold.

Teeth sensitivity can be dealt with in different ways; you can take analgesics of a considerable dose to relieve and pain symptoms. There are desensitizing pastes and creams that you can use, as well. They may be given to you by your dentist, or you can buy them over-the-counter. Applying vitamin E oil also helps to soothe and discomfort felt on the tooth. When any pain is felt, you can deal with the sensitivity easily, but whatever discomfort may be experienced, understand that the pores will close after a few days so any sensitivity will go away and everything will go back to normal.

Food and Drinks

Just as your teeth become sensitive to heat and cold due to the opened pores, your teeth are also quite sensitive to staining during the first few days after the procedure. Your pores are opened, so it is going to absorb the color of the food and drinks you take in, even better than it usually does. In line with this, it is part of the dentist’s instructions to stay away from colored food and drinks for the 3 to 7 days after the procedure. The pores are wide open and can take in much of the color so the whitening effect may fade easily. Staying away from food coloring will be very helpful because it will allow you to enjoy the results even longer, but note that any whitening effect obtain shall fade after some time.

Maintaining the Whitening Effect

Your teeth naturally stain and discolour in time, due to food and drinks; and when you eat and drink enough food and drinks with high food coloring content, you can expect for the whitening results to fade, as well.

The following are some tips you can take to prolong the whitening results:

1.Stop smoking. Smoking is a very bad habit; and after a teeth whitening procedure smoking can affect the results of the treatment. If you want to really enjoy your investment, you will stay away from cigarettes that can stain and discolour your teeth, gums and lips.

2.Use whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes. Some toothpastes and mouthwashes have staining capacity and using them for a prolonged period of time will affect any whitening effect you were able to achieve. You will be better off being on the safe side, using a white toothpaste and a clear mouthwash, so that you can avoid

3.Stay away from colored food and drinks. Already mentioned on this article, food and drinks can discolour teeth and if you are intent on maximizing the whitening effect you obtain from a teeth whitening system carried out in the dental office, you will stay away from foods cooked with tomato sauce, soy sauce, curry sauce and any other ingredient with high coloring content. Refrain from drinking coffee and tea, which have very high staining capacity, as well as red wine.

4.Enhance and maintain the results with take home whitening. In-office whitening treatments can be quite expensive but people go for it because they give the best results. If you want whiter teeth, you go for the whitening treatment that dentist’s offer in the clinics and you maintain the results by carrying out take home methods on your own when you think that the whitening effect is beginning to fade. Instead of going for another in-office treatment, you can maintain the whiteness by using a weaker and less expensive product.

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