Periodontal Disease and the Necessity for Teeth Replacements

//Periodontal Disease and the Necessity for Teeth Replacements

Periodontal Disease and the Necessity for Teeth Replacements

Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among patients all over the world. Its progression is slow, but with ample knowledge about how the oral cavity should be at health, one can easily identify the presence of disease. If you want to avoid the hassle of going through this prevalent gum problem and are already in need of an Oak Brook teeth replacement, you will have to see your dentist right away.


To have a better understanding of the need for Oak Brook teeth replacements, it is first necessary for you to understand how gum disease progresses in an individual.

Phase 1: Plaque Build-up. Plaque builds up on a daily basis and this is the reason why everyone is encouraged to brush their teeth three times a day or after every meal. Plaque that builds up gives bacteria a reason to thrive in the mouth, allow disease to develop. Plaque first accumulates as material alba, a soft white build up that calcifies to tartar or calcular deposits that irritates dental tissues.

Phase 2: Gingivitis. No longer at health, the presence of plaque and bacteria has taken its toll and your oral health begins to deteriorate. The perfectly healthy gums and teeth begin to show since of disease. The gums will lose its coral pink color and will appear reddish and may even showcase some bleeding. The firm attachment of the gums to the bone will be lost and the characteristic scalloped arrangement is replaced by flabbiness and swelling. There is pain and pus to signify infection —- this condition is reversible.

Phase 3: Periodontitis. If the condition is allowed to progress, infection spreads and affects the bone. At this point, much bone will be lost so that the stability of the tooth is compromised and may present some mobility in varying degrees.

Phase 4: Tooth Loss. If the condition is not resolved right away, the disease further progresses until no support is left and tooth is lost. It may be pulled out by the dentist but in some cases, they may just fall off because its lost all support from bone, gums and connective fibers.

You can easily see from the discussion above that a patient with periodontal disease goes through three phases before he even needs to deal with tooth loss. The progression of periodontal disease takes a long time. It is not something that happens overnight this is why addressing the problem at first insight is important.

If you want to avoid the cost of teeth replacement procedures, you will have to strive to stop disease progression during phase 1 and 2, where the issue is still reversible.

For further discussion regarding periodontal disease and teeth replacements, you can call our dental office Oak Brook Smiles.

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