Handling Oak Brook Malocclusions
When you talk about malocclusions, you are referring to the improper arrangement of the teeth in the jaw. The teeth are supposed to develop in harmony with each other, forming the appropriate curves and lines that results into your having an attractive smile. Most of the time, the teeth erupt on their correct location forming into an even set of teeth that one can truly enjoy. In some situations a malocclusion issue will be present and Oak Brook malocclusion specialists – such as an Orthodontist – is sought after to provide perfect solutions.

Oak Brook Malocclusions Treatment

When a patient is dealing with some malocclusion problems, he can come to a dentist for the appropriate treatment.

  • Ideally, orthodontic issues may be resolved by removable appliances. Usually indicated for younger patients (children and teenagers) going through their growth phase, the removable appliance is worn so that Oak Brook malocclusions may be resolved without the need for lengthy, expensive and more complicated teeth braces and Invisalign.
  • Teeth braces are the most traditional treatment of choice when the patient is dealing with misalignments and maloclussions. Braces treatments make use of brackets that are attached to the teeth, so that the wires and rubbers may be used to move the teeth.
  • Invisalign is a more advanced orthodontic option that may be utilized for Oak Brook malocclusion treatments. Using clear or invisible trays, the teeth may be moved without needing to use braces and other appliances.
  • When the malocclusions also present jaw joint issues, splint therapy is usually indicated. A splint may be worn by the patient to reposition his jaws and alter his bite. Once the realignment is achieved, the next phase of treatment (orthodontics or prosthodontics) may proceed.

Apart from the impressive work they do on Oak Brook malocclusions, dentists also employ various bone grafting techniques when the necessity indicates so. Oak Brook bone grafting procedures are sometimes indicated as a prerequisite orthodontic treatments. The success of orthodontic treatments rely on the ability of the teeth to be moved around the jaw. When the bone is of poor quality, you will not be able to subject teeth to strong orthodontic forces. To allow for such to be performed, an Oak Brook bone grafting procedure may be indicated before an Oak Brook malocclusion can be addressed.

Bone grafting material will be installed into the jaw, to alter the condition of the bone and when it has properly healed, the braces may be installed and the treatment may move on.