Nutrition Tips for Your Children

//Nutrition Tips for Your Children

Nutrition Tips for Your Children

Let’s face it, when it comes down to our children we want what’s best for them. So why do we often neglect the care of children’s teeth? Most of the time this happens unconsciously, we give them things they want instead of the things they need.

For instance, Mary goes to Wal-Mart and she brings her 5 year old daughter Emily with her. They are standing in the checkout line and Emily sees her favorite candy, Sour Straws. She then says “Mommy, can you please get those Sour Straws?” Mary tells her daughter no, but Emily doesn’t take no for an answer. She then begs her mother for the Sour Straws until her mother has no choice but to say yes to her constant begging. Because of Emily’s strong liking of sour candy, she now has several cavities and gaining weight.

Mary isn’t the only parent that goes through this. Many parent have lost the “begging game”. Truth is, children should be eating foods that are helpful to your child’s teeth, not harmful.


  • Keeping a variety of fruits and vegetables in your home should replace those sugary snacks your children yearn for
  • Limit the amount of snacks your child consumes a day
  • Buy foods that are sugar-free
  • Add good sources of calcium to your child’s diet to build strong teeth.
  • Replace sugary drinks with water

Don’t wait until the last minute to tend to your child’s dental needs. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an ADA approved product should be implemented into your child’s daily routine to make sure your children’s teeth remain strong, healthy, clean, and bright!

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