How Much for Dental Implants?

//How Much for Dental Implants?

How Much for Dental Implants?

You have several options when it comes to tooth replacement, including removable dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Many patients in the Oakbrook Terrace area prefer dental implants because they are permanent and are the most like natural teeth. However, cost is certainly an important factor. That is because most insurance companies consider dental implants a cosmetic procedure and provide limited, if any, coverage for it. We completely understand when patients ask “How much for dental implants?” before they seriously consider getting them.

Your Out-of-Pocket Cost Depends on Several Factors

It’s difficult to provide an exact estimate since we offer several different types of dental implant procedures. The amount you pay also depends on the number of teeth you need replaced and how many implants are required to support your new teeth. We typically advise dental implant patients to budget for the following costs at a minimum:

  • $900 for each crown or false tooth that you need
  • Up to $2,000 for Dr. Haque to implant titanium rods into your jaw bone to support the new dentures. The minimum cost is typically $1,000.
  • $750 if we need to complete a bone graft to strengthen the area where Dr. Haque will install the titanium rods and replacement teeth. Some patients require this because the gums and jaw bone where the tooth is missing isn’t strong enough to support an implant and denture.
  • Attaching each implant costs around $700

We are happy to provide you with a written estimate based on your specific tooth replacement needs when you meet with the staff at Oak Brook Smiles for a consultation.

You Have a Variety of Payment Options for Dental Implants

We understand that most people don’t have the cash to pay for this procedure all at once. For your convenience, you may use a major credit card or apply for Care Credit. A third-party organization operates the Care Credit program to make it easier for people to afford health and dental care not covered by insurance. You must apply and be approved to take advantage of it. You are also welcome to use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending account to get a break on your taxes next year.

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