How CT Scans Make Implant Procedures Safer

//How CT Scans Make Implant Procedures Safer

How CT Scans Make Implant Procedures Safer

A dental CT Scan is a diagnostic test that shows 3D images of the jawbone, the sinus cavity, and the nerves in the general area. This non-invasive procedure results in dentists getting clear, cross-sectional views of the jawbone and oral cavity which is essential in the planning of a dental implant treatment. The precise images help make the entire dental implant treatment a much safer and more accurate procedure. There are several factors that need to be carefully evaluated to ensure the overall success and safety of the dental treatment prior to the actual placement of the dental implants. These factors include:

  1. Jawbone width and height
  2. Location and proximity of the sinus cavity in the upper jaw
  3. Location and proximity of the nerves in the lower jaw

Images obtained by a dental CT scan provide more valuable and precise information compared to the two dimensional images given by panoramic X-rays, which just shows the shape and height of the jawbone. These two dimensional views are limited and may not exactly produce the detailed information needed for the safe placement of dental implants.

The regular X-ray images may not give as precise a view of where the nerves on the lower jaw area are located unlike in dental CT scans. Dental CT scan images produce clear views of the density and width of the jawbone, as well as the precise location of the nerves responsible for the feeling on the chin and lower lip areas.

Knowing the exact location greatly minimizes the risk of nerve damage, making the implant placement a lot safer for the patient. Through the 3D images from a dental CT scan, the dentist will be able to determine the suitability of a patient for an implant treatment.

Since the patient’s jawbone anatomy is analyzed in greater detail, it will be much easier to plan where the implants will need to be placed. Even the size of the dental implant will be easier to determine.

Dental technology has improved through the years, and it is recommended that people choose a dental office that is updated with what modern technology has to offer.

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