How to get whiter teeth and more beautiful smiles

//How to get whiter teeth and more beautiful smiles

How to get whiter teeth and more beautiful smiles

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Our teeth can easily discolour due to the food we ate, the beverage we drink, and neglect of good oral hygiene practices.

Some people have teeth that don’t easily stain like others do so they enjoy white teeth for longer. There are some people, however, who may need to consider a teeth whitening procedure from their dentists for a more attractive look. To get a whiter and more beautiful smile, they can ask for porcelain crowns or a professional teeth whitening. Patients looking for a smile makeover can explore these two options — they both satisfy patient’s needs, only in different ways.

Color and Shade

A good teeth whitening procedure can easily bring a patient’s teeth color and shade up to 10 shades lighter. The bleaching results are impressive and more natural, compared to what porcelain crowns can provide, but they cannot be controlled. While porcelain crowns can never beat the “naturalness” of the results that bleaching can provide, what you can enjoy with crowns is the opportunity to properly manipulate the shade to achieve what you exactly want to get.

Permanent Results

Just as the natural whiteness of the teeth may be lost, the results of a teeth whitening procedure may be lost as well due to food, drinks and other substances. This does not really bring down results obtained by teeth whitening. Oakbrook patients who are looking to whiten their teeth can enjoy a smile transformation that will give them perfectly white teeth, but when permanence is a priority, you can only enjoy this with porcelain crowns. Oakbrook dentists and patients can take comfort on the fact that results may be enjoyed much longer than they usually do.

Cost and Affordability

Depending on how many teeth you wish to whiten, porcelain crowns are ideally more costly since they are priced per unit. Smile transformations done with crowns usually involve the entire row of anterior teeth, often extending to some of the posterior teeth. Porcelain crowns are so much more expensive compared to professional teeth whitening. Oakbrook patients can definitely afford teeth whitening so much more than porcelain crowns. Patients who opt for the latter can only take comfort on the fact that multiple teeth bleaching procedures turn out to be more expensive than the alternative.

Teeth Preservation

With porcelain crowns, Oakbrook patients need to endure some tooth reduction. So that the crowns may be fabricated over the teeth, some tooth surface will have to be removed and this will mean that the health of the tooth will be compromised since much surface will have to be taken away. Teeth whitening results are fairly superficial, leaving the teeth intact and in complete health.

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