How Diagnodent can detect tooth decay

//How Diagnodent can detect tooth decay

How Diagnodent can detect tooth decay

detect tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth loss among children and adults alike. It is caused by sugar acids – the by-product of sugar and bacteria in the mouth.

Tooth decays in the tooth surface are diagnosed visually with the help of dental probes. Decays that are present below the gum line and those in between teeth are diagnosed with the help of a dental x-rays. However, there is no way to detect decays inside the tooth. With this in mind, dental inventors try to find a solution to this problem.

The continuous advancements in our technology have found way to diagnose hidden tooth decays and those that are just starting to decay. This dental breakthrough is called Diagnodent.

What is Diagnodent?

Diagnodent is the safer, quicker and more accurate method of detecting tooth decay. It scans the teeth for hidden decays. The Diagnodent probe emits laser lights that turns into fluorescent light and transmits the signal to the sensor when decay is detected inside the tooth. The sensor shows the extent of decay by giving a read out in numbers. The higher the number the more extensive is the decay.

Diagnodent enables your Oakbrook dentist to detect early signs of tooth decay thus allowing them to treat the decay before it becomes extensive. Early treatment could mean less dental filling and the chances of wearing dental crowns and other restorations are eliminated.

The use of Diagnodent is less invasive as compared to the traditional probing and x-ray. Dental probes can cause minute holes in the teeth which can later develop to tooth decay; while x-ray emits radiation which is harmful to health with continuous exposure.

For further questions regarding Diagnodent, you may ask your dentist about it.

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