Dental implants to replace your missing teeth

//Dental implants to replace your missing teeth

Dental implants to replace your missing teeth

It is very important to have a full set of healthy teeth. These help you with eating and communicating with other people. But did you know that a full set of healthy teeth also builds your self confidence and self worth because it makes you look more attractive and younger? A complete set of pearly whites also helps you land a better job and attract a potential life partner. However, if you have missing teeth, these not only affect your dental health but also your psyche as person as well.

With the many breakthroughs in dental technology, you can choose ways on how to fill the spaces left by your missing teeth. Among these breakthroughs, you may want to try dental implants. A dental implant is made from a titanium alloy implanted on your jaw bone to replace one or more missing tooth roots. If your tooth roots are not replaced during tooth loss, the condition may lead to bone loss of the jaw bone which may result to a caved-in mouth appearance. This appearance makes you usually look old and unhealthy.

Usually, a dental crown is used to cover an implant in place, however there are cases where a dental bridge is used and dental implants serve as abutments to anchor the bridge in place. Dental implants also help stabilize a dental denture in place especially to those who had lost all of their teeth.

You may want to ask your dentist or prosthodontist how successful are dental implants in filling the gaps and preventing bone loss caused by your missing teeth. Success rate of dental implants may vary to where the implant is positioned in your jaw, but in general, dental implant treatments have at least 98 percent success rate. It is a preferred choice over a traditional dental bridge because it avoids reduction of the adjacent healthy teeth to fit a dental appliance in place.

If you have further questions regarding dental implants, you can ask your dentist about it.

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