Dental Implant Extra Procedure: Soft Tissue Grafting and Sinus Augmentation in Summit Ave

//Dental Implant Extra Procedure: Soft Tissue Grafting and Sinus Augmentation in Summit Ave

Dental Implant Extra Procedure: Soft Tissue Grafting and Sinus Augmentation in Summit Ave

Dental implant procedures are dental restorative options taken in lieu of traditional means. In the past, when a patient has lost a tooth or a few teeth, he will be given the option to choose between removable dentures or bridgework to fill in the gap and replace lost teeth. Today, with dental technology, apart from those options you can now opt for a more stable procedure in dental implants. And for your dental implants to last and for the implant procedure to be more comfortable, there are two other extra procedures that may be recommended – Sinus Augmentation and Soft Tissue Grafting.


Summit Ave patients who make a decision to receive dental implants may be offered these accessory procedures to increase success and help make the case more ideal when one is rather contraindicated to receive the treatment. A procedure like a soft tissue grafting in Oak Brook Terrace may be required to make a dental implant placement procedure possible for patients with gum problems. While a procedure like sinus augmentation can make the dental implants last by increasing the quality of the jawbone on which the implants are or will be attached.

The following are some of the accessory procedures you can expect to encounter during a dental implant procedure:

  1. Sinus Augmentation: Summit Ave patients who are scheduled to receive maxillary dental implants may be required to receive a sinus augmentation procedure. The maxillary sinus, found on the upper arch is often large and set a little lower than it should, especially when the bone has resorbed so that it is repositioned through sinus augmentation. Summit Ave patients with such a sinus will have to undergo a lifting procedure for dental implants to be made possible.
  2. Bone Grafting: One of the contraindication of dental implant placement is when there is not enough bone left on the jaw to support the implant. The health of the implant will rely on the abundance of bone and when bone height, length and width is insufficient it may be improved by adding a bone graft. A graft may be obtained from the body of the patient, harvested either from the mouth, from the hip or from the leg; but it may also be performed using a synthetic graft.
  3. Soft Tissue Grafting: Summit Ave patients who usually receive a bone grafting and a sinus augmentation procedure, will surely receive a soft tissue grafting procedure, as well. This procedure is necessary to initiate growth of tissues that will promote good health. A soft tissue graft is usually taken from the patient’s mouth, often at the palatal region but a synthetic graft may also be used. Another reason why soft tissue grafting may be necessary is when aesthetics have to be improved along the area of the tooth’s collars. When the gums are a little receded, so exposing the implants or the tooth, soft tissue grafts may be important.

Remember that dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots attached to the jawbone, making these a more stable option for teeth replacement. And for patients to be more assured of the success of dental implants, these extra procedures may be considered.

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