Dental Crowns Before and After

//Dental Crowns Before and After

Dental Crowns Before and After

Dr. Haque recommends dental crowns to patients for a variety of reasons. The most common ones include:

  • To provide protection for a tooth already weakened by decay
  • To stabilize a dental implant
  • To repair a cracked or broken tooth
  • To repair teeth with severe discoloration
  • To repair misshapen teeth
  • To cover a tooth that has little of its original structure due to severe decay
  • As an anchor for a dental bridge
  • To stabilize a tooth after a root canal
  • To repair a tooth that appears severely worn

No matter what the reason for needing the procedure, most patients want to see pictures of dental crowns before and after to determine if it’s right for them. When you come in for a consultation at Oak Brook Smiles, our staff shows you photos as well as computer enhanced technology so you can see how the dental crown will look on you. Typically, this visualization is all that patients need to decide on scheduling an appointment for a dental crown fitting.

Dental Crowns Save Damaged Teeth

Today, the placement of dental crowns is one of the most common restorative and cosmetic procedures in the field of dentistry. However, this wasn’t always the case. Before the technology came along that allowed dentists to cover a broken, diseased, or decaying tooth with a crown, they had no choice but to extract it. Rather than undergoing a potentially painful procedure that leaves you without a tooth, all you have to do now is come in for a quick and painless placement of a dental crown. With proper care and attention to oral hygiene, your new dental crown will last for many years.

Dental Crowns Blend in Seamlessly with Natural Teeth

Not only do dentists have the ability to save teeth with dental crowns, they can also make them aesthetically pleasing for the wearer. Before Dr. Haque places your new crown, he presents you with options for color, shape, and shade of the crown so you can match it to your natural teeth. The appearance is so seamless that you may be the only who knows that you had a dental crown placed.

Please contact Oak Brook Smiles today to schedule your consultation for the dental crown procedure.

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